It is nearly 1 week we return from Gdansk and say with all my hertiness that this country and this city is great and unique place. Of course there are many metters to be perfect, but biggest pie is Tours in Gdansk. From the beggining to the end even now this company made all efford for a good holiday for us. So with the name of the people of 44 persons of my group. I want to deliver all my regards, thanks and the best wishes to Tours in Gdansk Best Regards Ali Kocabas

All of group  really enjoyed both the canoe and walking/cycle tours. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. Particulary Maciek who had a lot good information to share. This activities really contributed to our holiday in Gdansk and contributed to an excellent experience that our Scouts Group will never forget.

It`s really a nice expeirience for the kids (and absolutely for me!!), thanks for your effort and help throughout these few months. Look forward to meet you again in Poland:)